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Are you looking for relief from an auto injury, chronic neck or back pain? Beachwood Chiropractic can help. Our first priority is to help you feel better as quickly, comfortably and affordably as possible. We provide effective chiropractic care that achieves long lasting results.




I am committed to your health and wellness and I’m certain your experience and treatment at Beachwood Chiropractic will be excellent. We provide exceptional care in an efficient and family friendly office.

- Dr. Angela


Inside Quote

As a teenager I was diagnosed with scoliosis and was in a back brace for several years. This scoliosis let my spine curved and rotated in several places. Dr. Angela first treated me for a severe case of sciatica. I was unable to walk upright or ride in a car for more than 5 minutes. Dr. Angela went out of her way to provide treatment for me and allowed me to embark on a 9 hour drive for vacation within a few weeks. I have since successfully seen her for low back pain and migraines. I would highly recommend Dr. Angela to anyone requiring treatment. Her knowledge, professionalism, compassion, and dedication is difficult to find.” - Patty

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